Even voorstellen: Remco Scholten

Meet our new colleague Remco Scholten: ''I started at Intercept as an intern and during the final interview they asked me if I would stay at Intercept. I didn’t have to think that long about that question!’’



I would like to introduce myself: My name is Remco Scholten, 22 years, living in Epe. Until recently I was a student at the Deltion College. I’ve studied ICT management. In order to achieve this study I had to do an internship in the past six months. I did this at Intercept and completed this internship successfully in June. After this nice internship period they asked me if I wanted to stay and work for Intercept. I have had a lot of fun here so I didn’t have to think long about this question. 

My internship started in February this year. During this internship the main work was to support system users of various customers. You generally didn’t have to go deep into the matter but it was diverse work and that makes it enjoyable for me.

During my internship I learned a lot on technical perspective, and I learned how important good communication with customers is. In addition there is was good working atmosphere and I was as an intern very involved ih several projects. This really makes you feel part of the team. Also the varied work was very nice.

From the 1st of July I have been officially employed as an employee at Intercept. I am now mainly involved in supporting the end user. In the coming period I will finish the last pieces of my study and start to obtain several Azure certificates.