IT security: Intercept and extra safety in healthcare

The importance of IT in healthcare


The storage and security of data and files often seems to be self-evident. Nevertheless, the security and the assurance of data can be of vital importance. Especially in healthcare. Jack van Ommen, account manager at Intercept, knows all about it.

One of Jack's relationships is Virtuele Thuiszorg Nederland/Virtual Home Care Netherlands (VTZN). An organization that supports people who need extra care or help in the areas of independence, safety, health or well-being. Jack: "With an organization like VTZN, you have an extra dimension in the area of ​​IT security. VTZN offers a service that gives the personal attention that vulnerable people need. VTZN clients have a communication system with which they can communicate and alert via a Smartwatch, if necessary. The people of VTZN then immediately take action. We actually do the same if something seems to go wrong with the VTZN server infrastructure. '

Intercept handles the Azure server infrastructure of VTZN. Jack: "With our Intercept Managed Security Services (IMSS), we monitor the security of the IT environment 24 hours a day. By means of an Azure Security Center and PRTG we continuously monitor what is happening at VTZN. Suppose that an incident occurs at a given moment, then we register it immediately and can immediately act on it. The continuity and safety of VTZN's clients is closely linked to the operation of the platform. Suppose there have been a lot of wrong log-in attempts in the past period, then maybe something is going on. We immediately respond to that.'

Compliance requirements
With the services provided by Intercept VTZN not only ensures that all performance requirements are met, but also all compliance requirements. For Intercept this comes naturally. Jack about this: "Of course you are not only dealing with IT security but also with IT regulations. This is completely covered with our Intercept Managed Security Services - or IMSS. '