Managed Security Services in Azure

The Intercept Managed Security Services is our state-of-the-art service based on Azure Security Center in conjunction with OMS.


The Intercept Managed Security Services is our state-of-the-art service based on Azure Security Center in conjunction with OMS (Operations Management Suite Compliancy + Security based). With the combination of these Cloud technologies, we enable security monitoring of both the Azure and on premise environment. We also provide a dashboard that continuously displays the latest status of the different security components.
With the help of Azure, we provide an unprecedented level of security control combined with Microsoft's latest emergency intelligence (DCU) and Microsoft Security Response Center (MSRC) threat intelligence.
Azure Security Center
The Microsoft Azure Security Center is based on behavioral analysis. From the beginning, a baseline is drawn up and maintained continuously. Deviant behavior is signaled. Using our Operations Management Suite, our Azure specialists undertake immediate action at an incident. Before the configuration is taken into production, we will discuss with you the appropriate preventive, detective and corrective measures we can and may take without disturbing the workflow.
Part of the Intercept Managed Security Services is the design of the Azure Security Center and Operations Management Suite in accordance with market best practices and additional measures in accordance with your own ISO 27001 and NEN 7510 standardization.
These include:
  • Setting up encryption methods there where necessary;
  • Check in logins and password policies;
  • Status of anti-virus / anti-malware solutions;
  • Incident analysis;
  • Just in time network access;
  • Security against brute force attacks;
  • Security of databases.
From our managed services, the environment is continuously monitored and security becomes a regular subject within the monthly reporting. Of course, you have at all times a live reporting and trend analysis through your own Power BI.
Intercept Managed Security Services in Azure
Microsoft Trust Center and GDPR
From the Trust Center, Microsoft provides the tools and processes to connect to GDPR using its cloud products. For the various issues, she offers various technical solutions to meet the requirements of the GDPR and privacy legislation, such as the Personal Data Protection Act.
The Trust Center offers:
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP) within Office 365 which identifies over 80 different data types (including medical, financial and personal data) and protected from loss (sending or deliberately sending this data);
  • Data Governance: which identifies and classifies data based on machine learning;
  • Audit logging within Office 365;
  • Database encryption technology;
  • Just enough administration and just-in-time administration that allows administrators access only when they need it for their work and only for the components for which they are needed.
Intercept provides a framework for privacy and security through Intercept Managed Security Services connection to GDPR and the stricter law. At the root of this is the Azure Security Center and this is indispensable to obtaining access to organizations that help to orchestrate the compliancy process. We also use the Microsoft benchmark tooling to check the GDPR compliancy every 6 months with our customers. This is part of the Intercept Managed Security Services (IMSS).
Optional OMS Security and Compliancy on premise
By bridging your environment to the intelligent security platform within Azure, the Intercept Managed Security Services is also available on premise and hybrid environments.
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