Meet our new colleague: Jamie Visser

Meet our new colleague Jamie Visser: ‘’The developments around Azure are going so fast that I believe that only an Azure only party can keep up. Therefore I am very happy to start on May 1st as an Azure Consultant at Intercept!’’


I would like to introduce myself; my name is Jamie Visser, 28 years old and have been living in Zwolle since 2011. A relatively small city but with all the comfort you need!
In my free time I like to ride my mountain bike, provided the weather is nice. In addition I like to watch a movie or series, going out on the weekends with my girlfriend and meet with friends for drinks in the city.

After completing my MBO-IT study, I started working as a system network administrator at a production company. Here I received a lot of responsibility and confidence to improve the IT infrastructure. Eventually I noticed that the business processes also aroused my interest. To give this more shape I chose to follow the Business IT & Management study at Windesheim (also known as Business Computer Science). During this study I learned a lot about various subjects. It was great to be able to put this to practice immediately at my job then.

For my thesis I started working for an employer that helped their customers by effectively serving Azure (Stack).  After seeing the possibilities of the Azure platform I knew for sure; I wanted to know more about azure! I am particularly impressed by the many ‘’building blocks’’ that can be used to fill in a complex customer demand. To implement and use Azure it is mandatory that the question is clear so you can design and realize the appropriate infrastructure.

As the Azure platform is constantly evolving, I am happy to think about how the newest developments can be a relevant for existing customers. The developments are going so fast that I believe that only a party that is completely focused on Azure can keep up with it. Therefore I am very happy to start as a Azure consultant at Intercept from May 1st!

Feel free to contact me to get acquainted and discuss the possibilities of Azure optimization(s), for example concerning cost optimizations, meeting compliance requirements and gaining insight and control on Azure environment(s).

Jamie Visser
Azure Consultant| Intercept

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