Meet our new colleague: Stefan Petter

Meet our new colleague: Stefan Petter.


From a young age I have a passion for technology. No device was safe if I had a screwdriver in my hands. My hobbies also have something to do with this. Tinkering with engines, cars or building escape rooms are some examples of this.

The passion for technology was followed in 2009 when I started a study at Deltion College.
I completed the study Managed and Application within 4 years. After working for Isala Diaconessenhuis at Meppel for a year, I made the choice to study again in 2014. This time a study at Windesheim: Infrastructure Design & Security course.

Technology is never standing still and researching the latest technologies is something I can spend a lot of time on. At Deltion it was Windows Server 2008, at Windesheim Windows Server 2016 and nowadays Azure is subject of the day. 
During my graduation I was introduced to Azure and I investigated how policies can be applied in Azure environments. Techniques such as Azure Lighthouse and Azure Blueprints have been used to apply policies in a centralized manner.

At the 3th of February I will start working at Intercept as a Continuous Improvement Consultant. I have some experience with Azure but at Intercept I can jump into the deep instead of just playing a little bit with it. I am looking forward to the opportunity to professionalize my Azure skills and to provide Intercept customers with an even better Azure environments.