''Rather passion for change than for IT''

CEO Job Verhagen, Intercept: ''Rather passion for change than for IT'' Search for 'passion for IT' and you will find many companies that present themselves. Intercept, itself an innovative IT player in the field of Cloud technology, does not do this intentionally. Job Verhagen - CEO of Intercept - likes to explain why. ''Our passion and challenge lies more with change than with IT.''


Verhagen is convinced of his opinion about passion for change: 'You see new types of organizations emerge everywhere in the market. Companies that are not so much asking for IT but for solutions. Solutions to grow, to function more efficiently. It is precisely these organizations that are looking for a robust infrastructure that is more scalable and preferably cheaper than their current solution. For example, by paying for use. IT is not an end in itself, but only a means. Our passion, strength and challenge lies not only in the area of ​​IT, but also in supporting changing organizations. What do you really need as a changing company? And how can we organize this together? We want to help our clients with exactly that search. '

Can an IT company fulfill the promise of an organizational transformation? Verhagen thinks so. 'Our passion and ambition is to allow companies that are looking for an innovative IT structure to undergo such organizational transformation. Of course, we certainly believe in the possibilities of IT, and especially in the Cloud. But again, IT is a means and not an end in itself. For us, the main thing is: what does it deliver to companies that want to undergo such a change? '

Of course, an organizational change requires close collaboration with the transforming organization. Job Verhagen about that customer contact: 'Of course we are constantly in contact with our customers during the transformation. But that also applies to companies that we have already moved to the Cloud. Because the companies that we help, we are constantly looking for disruptive change that can bring them further. So we have more passion for change than for IT. '