The cloud is, even with a lot of data traffic, the solution for ISVs

The cloud is, even with a lot of data traffic, the solution for ISVs


The Public Cloud brings many benefits, as more and more entrepreneurs see this. At the same time we see a group of entrepreneurs who seem to stay behind. Many of these entrepreneurs simply do not dare to make the switch. The result is that they linger in traditional, and often outdated, forms of data management. That is a shame, because switching to the Public Cloud is simple, especially if you need a lot of capacity.

From gigabyte to petabyte, simple and fast
Do you also use a lot of data? Or does your company operate around the world? Then the Public Cloud is the best solution. Many organizations, especially ISVs, think that migrating to the Public Cloud is accompanied by high costs. This does not necessarily have to be the case. In fact, switching to the Public Cloud is often cheaper. We put three advantages in a row:

  • In a traditional setup, such as the Private Cloud, you have to scale the environment on peak load. Because even during large crowds you want everything to work well. In a Private Cloud environment, you take a lot of resources that you do not use every day. The Public Cloud is dynamically scalable. We do not scale on the peaks, but on the minimum load. Then we can fully and automatically scale up and down. It is a consumption-based system, you only pay for what you use.

  • Always have access to the latest hardware, without having to do anything for it. We ensure that everything is up-to-date, Microsoft invests in the servers and you always have the best and latest hardware and technology available.

  • Upscaling is possible worldwide, this brings two important advantages. First of all, this ensures more certainty, the network is less susceptible to, for example, power failures. In addition, the connection is faster when you are close to the source. Although we can make connections with the speed of light, there may be a difference of milliseconds by the distance. The closer to the source, the better the connection.

Curious about the global possibilities?
With a current customer, we have put this into practice. This global company specializes in the processing of customer leads. The customers are primarily in America, but the company is expanding further and further around the world. The work of this customer is transaction based. Time is the most important factor for this company. Leads come in and must be processed in seconds within the platform, otherwise they are worth considerably less.

Limitations of Private Hosting
Within Private Hosting this company ran against a number of limits. There were capacity limitations with the firewall, in addition, the storage units could only process a certain number of transactions. For the worldwide service a large network of servers are necessary. Connections go with the speed of light but ultimately lose speed over great distances.

The switch to the Public Cloud Azure was the solution for this company. Millions of servers are available worldwide. These are in more than 50 regions, so there is always a data center nearby. We have more than 700,000 available in the Netherlands alone.
The Public Cloud does not have to deal with physical limitations and is therefore the solution for ambitious and globally operating companies. In Azure, this company can scale without being stuck with expensive materials.

Does the above sound complicated?
Our customer, who operates worldwide, is a good example of the possibilities in the Public Cloud. Does this sound complicated and labor-intensive? Do not worry, we can take this entire process off your hands. You set the boundaries and we do the rest.