The private cloud does not exist. It is outdated and unnecessarily expensive.

For a long time, investing in private cloud solutions was seen as a sensible choice.


For a long time, investing in private cloud solutions was seen as a sensible choice. Entrepreneurs thought that they could acquire knowledge and skills in-house, because they controlled the entire system. Nothing is less true.

Technical solutions and innovations follow each other in rapid succession and compared to the public cloud, the private cloud has become log and inefficient. In recent years, the development of the public cloud has gained momentum. If you want to take part in the latest developments, you no longer have to figure this out yourself, but you can simply enter via the cloud. It is therefore not the question whether you should opt for the public cloud, but when you do this.

Use servers without the worry

Entrepreneurs are not looking for servers, processors or disks. They are looking for a solution for a business problem. Innovative entrepreneurs are used to switching quickly. If you want to use 1 or 10 Web Apps tomorrow, that's possible. In the Netherlands or worldwide. Do you need less? Then we scale again. You have to arrange this yourself in the private cloud. You purchase servers, but if you want to scale them, you still have too much in house. Unnecessarily expensive and not efficient.
In addition to scalability, there are a number of advantages that the public cloud brings with it:

  • The public cloud is available worldwide and is also used worldwide by millions of entrepreneurs and organizations. It is therefore efficient, but also reliable. Because millions of people worldwide are involved, improvements, innovations and knowledge benefit all users.

  • The public cloud is dynamic. In the past you bought something and then you started working on it. Whether you were satisfied, or not. You bought it, so you used it. This is not the case with the public cloud. If you are dissatisfied, pick up and leave. The best services therefore stand out and can develop further.

  • The public cloud offers opportunities and possibilities. Are you working in IT and looking for career opportunities? Within the public cloud it is possible to specialize and certify yourself. You can become a real expert and contribute to this innovative system.

Savings of up to 80%
The public cloud is more efficient and therefore much cheaper. You do not need all the knowledge and you do not have to build and maintain everything yourself. You take a service that we can offer on a large scale. With some entrepreneurs we see savings of up to 80%.

Seeing is believing
Curious about the possibilities? We can ensure that all your services are fully in the public cloud within three days. You can try, view and test it. Do not you like it? Then we just turn it off again.