The step to the public cloud, with a solid partner as Intercept, is less a leap than it seems

In one go, migrating to the public cloud is logically for more and more companies.


Mavim & Intercept

Mavim decided at an early stage to look for an organization that could bring the company to the cloud in one go. 'We were looking for a partner who could help us with that transformation. But it often turned out that organizations that are themselves still searching for the right way to take this step. We were mainly looking for an organization that is familiar with this transition, a sparring partner with Azure and with which we can easily spar. That's how we got to Intercept ', says Tim Koopmans, Manager Cloud Services of Mavim.

Mavim facilitates business transformations at every level. Tim explains: "We enable organizations to visualize, control and manage the complexity that irrevocably comes with a radical, large-scale transformation. For this we have developed software that contains a framework that helps organizations to translate their business strategy. Think of a business and information management plan, including a project portfolio, that can be executed, managed and monitored in the Mavim software. Because we operate globally, we were looking for a partner that could help us roll out our solutions around the world. And especially through the Microsoft Azure platform. Our ambition was not to be a service provider, but rather a provider of solutions. '

Intercept turned out to be the organization that Mavim managed to bring to the cloud in an appropriate way and in a seamless way. That led to rapid and strong growth for Mavim. Tim about this: 'We suddenly did not need servers and other hardware to run our client applications. We were able to serve our customers suddenly in the way that we wanted and our customer can use our application faster and more efficiently. That turned into a considerable growth. From 2015 we received more and more cloud questions. In 2017, these turned out to be a quadrupling of our cloud sales. In the meantime, about eighty percent of all our new customers are migrating directly to the cloud. In the first quarter of 2018 this alone led to a doubling of our number of cloud customers compared to 2017. I think that is a special fact. '

Direct benefit
Tim owes the success of Mavim's growth to Microsoft's solid Azure platform and a solid partner. 'By adhering to Microsoft standards, we are continuously able to offer our customers the latest technology in our platform and our applications. Fast, and without expensive upgrades. For them this means not only immediate benefits in the short term, but ultimately also in the long term. That is why I am not surprised that more and more of our clients are taking the leap to the cloud at once. Of course you have to be assured of a good partner. We found it in Intercept. I know few organizations who are so passionate about using new technology as Intercept. Formally they are our supplier, but they do everything they can to help us apply this new technology to our end customers. '