Case Study

It's time to Intercept


Triggre allows organizations to create and develop software to optimize complex business processes. They have a unique solution that allows everyone to create complex applications without having technical knowledge of code. Their customers are active in various industries.

Stable partner
According to Jesse Meijers, co-founder and CTO of Triggre, hosting the application on Azure was not a difficult decision: ‘’Our solution helps a lot of companies to optimize complex processes. The only thing we missed was a good hosting platform. We first started with implementing Azure through the creditcard model. We soon discovered that CSP would be more advantageous for us. We searched for a CSP partner to help us with the implementation. That is how we came in contact with Intercept”.

The flexibility that Azure offers is very attractive for Triggre. They have international ambitions which Azure makes possible. Triggre also indicates that many customers nowadays have high requirements regarding certification and security. They are often being asked: “where is my data being stored?”. As an organization you have to have your data well organized and by hosting the application on Azure they don’t have to worry about it.

Jesse Meijers (co-founder and CTO of Triggre):
‘’Triggre is currently developing the Triggre platform. Intercept ensures that we can focus us on our core business and arranges everything related to Azure. They are always ready when we have technical and substantive questions.’’