Migrate your VMware platform to Azure

Intercept introduces a managed VMware to Azure migration service. With this migration service it is possible to migrate fixed price to the Azure Cloud.


Due to the rise of virtualization technology in the years 2000, it was possible to use more efficient local hardware. Spacious 70% of organizations in the Netherlands are therefore still using a traditional VMware environment with shared storage. An additional challenge of this classic IT model is that it should be replaced and modernized every 3 to 5 years. There are often heavy investments involved, replacing shared storage, backup and installing another vCenter version, without bringing significant improvements to your organization.
Due to the rise of Hyper-V in recent years, virtualization software has become a commodity. Organizations are therefore increasingly wondering whether a new investment in the local VMware platform and its associated shared storage environment is still profitable. Because why invest in a solution from a previous decade? While the next generation is available in the Azure Public Cloud. You also have the benefit of paying after use.
The benefits of Azure for your organization are:
  • Pay for use, so no investment in advance;
  • You do not need any local hardware, so no periodic replacement investments;
  • Scalable, not just up and down but with 40 regions, also to the rest of the world.
With the "VMware to Azure" migration service from Intercept you are able to migrate to a fixed price for the Azure Public Cloud. After migration, you're away from your old VMware environment, you do not need any shared storage devices and turns your entire environment into the real Cloud.
The VMware to Azure migration consists of the following steps:
  1. Scanning phase: In this phase we map the current environment as well as the wishes and requirements for the future;
  2. Mapping phase: The future layout will be translated into this phase to the possibilities of the Azure cloud;
  3. Migration phase: At this stage, a controlled migration will take place at Azure.
Additionally, we provide a managed services service, providing consultation with the first, second and 24 * 7 third-party support.

Intercept was born in the Cloud era. We are ISO 27001: 2013 Certified, NEN 7510 Compliant, Microsoft Gold Cloud Platform Partner, Microsoft Gold Cloud Productivity Partner, Microsoft Gold Data Center Partner and Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP), Tier 1.

If you are interested in Azure's possibilities for your organization, please contact contact With us on.